Lord Buddha was born in Nepal at Lumbini. He was born as a prince called Siddhartha Gautam. The birth site was then developed into a beautiful garden. The beautiful Garden in the Buddha's time still retain its legendary charm and beauty and remains in the present day Lumbini Garden. Lumbini is about 20 minute drive from Shiddarthnagar, a town in mid western Nepal.

Places of interest: Maya Devi Temple (birth site), Asoka Pillar, Archeological excavation sites, various Buddhist temples and monasteries from Buddhist countries from all over worlds. Tilaurakot was the capital city in the Lord Buddha era. The archeological excavation around Tilaurakot is another attraction.

Access: Lumbini is best accessed by car, Local bus, and Air (Kathmandu) and from India via Gorakhpur. A near by town Sunauli is the Immigration post between India and Nepal.
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