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When to travel to Nepal? It is good to know that you are planning Nepal travel. Nepal is in the middle of Himalayas. It is also a cross road between India (south) and China (North). See Map of Nepal. Hence you will find variation in climate, flora, fauna, people, culture, etc. as per variation in the altitude, etc. Therefore Nepal has a lot to offer for you. It is not only adventures like Mountain climbing, trekking, safari you like to experience but cultural, heritage, sightseeing, panoramic leisure tour, enjoy raining in monsoon or sun bath in sunny and dry days, etc. Moreover you can travel to Nepal any time of the year as per your interest and the holidays in your job.

What's in Nepal travel and what do you want to experience most?

  • City sightseeing
  • Sightseeing in heritage sites
  • Visiting panoramic sites
  • Pilgrimage sites for salvation
  • Sun bath in sunny and dry days
  • Enjoy rains in monsoon
  • Greens in monsoon and after monsoon
  • Green vegetation and blue skies in Autumn or star grazing in autumn night
  • Mountain flight to see Mt. Everest peak and other high Himalayas from air
  • Hot and humid weather in Safari (June to September)
  • Trekking in mid hills to high Himalayas (3 days and more)
  • Mountain peak climbing
  • White water river rafting (from 1 day)
  • Other adventures like Bungee Jump, canyoning, paragliding, etc.
  • Arctic winter by trekking in High mountain in winter
  • Trans Himalayan crossing
  • Bird watching and Safari in mating season (Spring)
  • Cultural trips
  • Do you want to have a private tour organized?
  • Do you want the flexibility of having your own auto?

  • One time visit in this part of world is not enough!

    Perhaps you like to consider

    Season and Climate: If you care for season and Climate then Nepal has four seasons

    Winter (November to February): cold and dry weather with a few rainfalls.

    Spring (March to April): warm and dry weather with occasional shower. It is a little hazy if no shower for a long period.

    Summer (May to September): Warm to hot and humid weather with Monsoon.

    Autumn (September to November): It is also a festival season. You can enjoy lots of green and blue sky. Best season for outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, and wild life jungle safari.

    The Monsoon (Mid June - Mid September): Warm to hot and humid weather. Most of the rainfalls in Nepal are due to Monsoon in summer. The raining season depends on monsoon activities. Mostly rains at night, making the following days crispy clean and fresh. The length of summer and autumn also depend on the Monsoon. Most of the northern belt of the Trans-Himalayan zone is monsoon-shadowed and ideal for trekking. Yes you can enjoy Monsoon rain if your are from Middle east or less rainfall region.

    You can visit Nepal as per your interest at any time suitable to you. You can select one of our own itineraries or take help from our Trip finder or Email us with your interest. However we do not advise to do everything in a single Nepal visit.

    Think local: The true experts in Nepal hospitality are the natives who live and work here. Seek out local establishments and activities when planning travel to Nepal. You won't be sorry.